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Gain the wisdom to be prepared for anything.

General Honoré believes that strong leadership, guided by clarity of purpose and practical tactics, is the key to overcoming adversity and building resiliency. He uses his experience managing natural and man-made conflicts to help companies and organizations build a culture of preparedness in order to move forward with success. On stage, his disciplined leadership and colorful, patriotic storytelling shine.

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The New Normal: Leadership and Preparedness in the 21st Century

General Honoré’s best lessons on leadership, the benefits of developing a mindset of preparedness, implementing critical strategies to respond to crises, and the essential qualities that 21st century leaders need.

Resilient Leadership in the Age of Covid-19: Plan, Prepare, Execute and Adapt Your Plan

General Honoré offers unique insights on both the leadership and resilience qualities necessary to survive the Coronavirus pandemic and thrive on the other side.

Addressing the Climate Crisis & Natural Disasters

General Honoré breaks down leading solutions to address the climate crisis and prevent natural disasters, by incorporating green energy technology and sustainable practices into our economy.

Ending the Cycle of Poverty and Racial Injustice

General Honoré inspires audiences to accelerate conversations around the connection between racial inequality and poverty, providing them with solutions and a sense of urgency to address racial issues in our lifetimes.

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