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A Better Future for Louisiana

Preventing climate change is critical to protecting our communities from dangerous hurricanes and other natural disasters. That’s why General Honoré founded the GreenARMY – an alliance of civic, community, and environmental groups and concerned residents from across Louisiana dedicated to winning meaningful change.

5 Point Plan to Win the War on Pollution

  1. Protect drinking water from lead contamination
  2. Clean up abandoned oil wells
  3. No more fenceline petrochemical plants 
  4. End poisonous plastics plants
  5. Stop toxic styrofoam production

Answering the Call

General Honoré founded the GreenARMY in 2012, after a devastating 30-acre sinkhole forced hundreds of residents from Bayou Corne, Louisiana from their homes. When the government and corporations failed to respond, residents called General Honoré for help. Seeing the devastating impact of air and water pollution on families in his home state led him to take on a new mission: fighting the climate crisis.

General Honoré and the GreenARMY are leading the fight to protect our air, water, coastlines, and communities from environmental disasters.

Bills to Kill: Legislation We Must Block to Save our Climate

HB 141 Would make it illegal for state and local government to contract with a company unless the company demonstrates it does not and will not boycott the fossil fuel industry.

HB 273 Would prohibit financial institutions from denying financial services to a person based upon a person’s involvement in or association with the fossil fuel industry.

HB 169 Would remove the requirement that state-employed geoscientists have professional licenses.

HB 267 Would create an exemption in Caldwell Parish from drilling and CCUS laws.

HB 283 Would require unnecessary permitting for transporting wood pellets and other non-reactive, non-hazardous timber products.

HB 331 Would set a new value for taxing timber.

HB 708 Would redefine biomass as renewable energy and carbon neutral.

HB 723 Would preempt local governments from prohibiting natural gas in new construction.

HB 355 Would prohibit cities from requiring EV charging stations.

HB 342 Would prohibit banks from using sustainability and social metrics to guide lending.

HB 474 Would prohibit banks from using sustainability and social metrics to guide lending.

SB 292 Would prohibit DEQ from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

SB 384 Would prohibit banks from exercising their freedom to choose whether or not to conduct business with oil and gas companies.

HB 299 Would exempt meetings about disaster response from Louisiana’s Open Meetings Law.

HB 716 Would reduce taxes on oil extraction.

SB 495 Would subsidize oil and gas exploration at taxpayer expense.

SB 125 Would limit the time for citizens to bring suit in coastal use permit cases to within 10 years of the first occurrence of the offense.

SB 197 Would allow industry representatives to serve as members of the board of commissioners of a groundwater district.

SB 86 Would create a hunting season for the endangered Louisiana Black Bear.

“All people in the US and around the world have a human right to clean water and clean air. Nobody has the right to take that away.”

– Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré