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A Better Future for Louisiana

Preventing climate change is critical to protecting our communities from dangerous hurricanes and other natural disasters. That’s why General Honoré founded the GreenARMY – an alliance of civic, community, and environmental groups and concerned residents from across Louisiana dedicated to winning meaningful change.

5 Point Plan to Win the War on Pollution

  1. Protect drinking water from lead contamination
  2. Clean up abandoned oil wells
  3. No more fenceline petrochemical plants 
  4. End poisonous plastics plants
  5. Stop toxic styrofoam production

Answering the Call

General Honoré founded the GreenARMY in 2012, after a devastating 30-acre sinkhole forced hundreds of residents from Bayou Corne, Louisiana from their homes. When the government and corporations failed to respond, residents called General Honoré for help. Seeing the devastating impact of air and water pollution on families in his home state led him to take on a new mission: fighting the climate crisis.

General Honoré and the GreenARMY are leading the fight to protect our air, water, coastlines, and communities from environmental disasters.

“All people in the US and around the world have a human right to clean water and clean air. Nobody has the right to take that away.”

– Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré

Reach out for help

If you’re a resident of Louisiana facing a natural disaster or the threat of pollution, you’re not alone. Reach out to Gen. Honoré and the GreenARMY for assistance using the form below.