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Bold Leadership For

Climate Preparedness
National Security
Disaster Relief

A Lifetime of Service

General Russel Honoré is a decorated 37-year army veteran, a global authority on leadership, and an expert on climate change and disaster preparedness. The General led the security review of the U.S. Capitol’s security infrastructure following the attacks on January 6, 2021. As the commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, he became known as the “Category 5 General” for his leadership in coordinating military relief efforts in post-hurricane New Orleans.

An American hero and sought-after media commentator, General Honoré shares his experience, candid and sometimes colorful views with the public, from Congress to cable news to the private sector.

A Voice America Trusts

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Addressing the Climate Crisis

General Honoré knows that our national security depends on protecting our environment. A Louisiana native, he’s seen the devastating impact of pollution and the natural disasters caused by climate change.

Now he’s leading the campaign to find solutions to the climate crisis and stop the polluters causing it. Together with concerned residents from both sides of the aisle across Louisiana, he’s working to protect our air, water, coastlines, and communities from environmental disasters.


General Honoré shares his bold leadership approach with individuals and organizations to help them develop a culture of preparedness and create the mindset of problem-solving, take-charge leaders.

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