Survival: How Being Prepared Can Keep You and Your Family Safe


• Store survival kits in a convenient place known to all family members.

• Keep a smaller version of your supplies kit in the trunk of your car, at work, and at school.

• Keep them in airtight plastic bags, if possible.

• Change your stored water supply every six months so it stays fresh.

• Replace your stored food every six months.

• Ask your physician or pharmacist about storing prescription medications.

• Rethink your kit and family needs at least once a year.

Editorial Reviews for

Survival: How Being Prepared Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

“[Honoré] is not only a national hero, but an expert on how we should al prepare for natural and man-made disasters.”

— Kyra Philips, CNN Newsroom

“Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand what went wrong, what went right, and what all of us can do to prepare for the next disaster.”

— Anderson Cooper, CNN

“Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré’s Survival reminds us why America must forge a new culture of preparedness to address emergencies at home. In this candid account of the efforts to respond to Hurricane Katrina, Honoré dissects our lessons learned and illuminates the measures leaders must take to effectively protect and defend the American people from future calamities. This is an important book by a good and able man who has rendered great service.”

— President Bil Clinton

“The American Red Cross shares General Honoré’s passion for preparedness and applauds his leadership in helping families and individuals get ready for emergencies.”

— Bonnie McElveen, Chairman of the American Red Cross

“[Honoré’s] message is that we can do better by each other and he suggests pertinent and feasible ways to do just that — this is an important book, especialy now.”

— Gregory Fontenot, Col., U.S. Army, Retired

“General Honoré, a true action hero, writes a national homeland security and well-being ‘how-to code’ for all sectors of U.S. society.”

— Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO of GALLUP