Honoré Preparedness Plan

“This is preparedness month. We spend more time in Louisiana getting ready for football games than we do hurricanes. We need to get over it. What happened in Katrina and Rita can happen again.”

Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré.

To those ready to plan

The Honorè Preparedness Group, created this plan, with the sincere hope that it would soon be in the hands of every family in the United States. Preparedness is a necessity regardless of the area in which you live, your financial status, or what phase of life you are in, from starting a family to retirement. “On any given day Mother Nature can break anything built by a man.” The Honoré Preparedness Plan is the first step to preparing for any disaster or emergency that may come your way.

The introductory cost of $50 will get you on the road to protect your family and assets from Mother Nature and more. Be Prepared.

With the increase in population and structures, disasters have become more catastrophic over the years. After a disaster, many people feel they had no time to physically prepare, or they didn’t prepare because they didn’t think it would happen to them. Many place excessive trust in their government or in the fact that they have insurance. While helpful tools in being prepared, they do not create a preparedness plan on their own. Time and time again we hear the same responses.

It is up to you to prepare and purchasing this Honoré Preparedness Plan is the perfect first step. There are many excuses for not being prepared, however there is only one outcome. Will you prepare before disaster strikes? Or will you be one of the many trying to pick up the pieces and wishing they had? Disasters can happen to anyone, at anytime. How you recover from a disaster is directly related to how prepared you were before. Here is your first step. Be prepared.

$50.00 is a small price for safety.

What if right now this very second you lost your entire home and everything in it?

Your family is safe, but everything you own is completely destroyed. Starting over can be not only overwhelming in the short term, but can be life changing in the long term if you are starting over with nothing and with no preparation or assistance. Prepare yourself and your family to “start over” if it becomes necessary. Be prepared.

If you are reading this, you understand how important preparedness can be and we at HPG would like to congratulate you on taking the step most have not.

Now a larger step is required! HPG is offering the Honoré Preparedness Plan for an introductory, low cost of $50 per plan.

This plan offers the most comprehensive strategy to protecting your assets that is currently available. It is our sincerest desire that each of you take this plan seriously. Far too many times in our almost 50 years of Emergency Management experience, we have seen good people with the best intentions, become overwhelmed in the face of a disaster. We call on you to be different, to be prepared.

We encourage you to take the time once you have purchased the Honoré Preparedness Plan (HPP), and dive right in as the head of your household, spearheading the plan to a final conclusion. The Honoré Preparedness Group has designed HPP to help you create a comprehensive plan, which will give you a head start when it is time for you to address the results of a disaster and rebuild the life you are accustomed to. Be prepared.

Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré and the Honoré Preparedness Group