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August 31, 2016
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September 10, 2016

Former Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré is mobilizing the “GreenARMY, an alliance of civic, community, and environmental groups and concerned citizens from around the state ready to effect meaningful social, political, and environmental change in Louisiana.

Honore became involved in environmental issues when residents from Bayou Corne- frustrated by the lack of action in the wake of a devastating sinkhole- requested assistance. General Honore came to recognize the barrage of environmental issues facing Louisiana, from the levee board lawsuit to clean water, and he decided something needed to change.

Lt. Gen. Honore and John Barry, president of Restore Louisiana Nowlogogreenarmy

The task force will address a myriad of environmental concerns in Louisiana, including:

  • Louisiana coastal erosion
  • Saltwater intrusion in the Baton Rouge aquifer
  • Sinkhole in Bayou Corne
  • Concerns about drilling in Lake Peigneur natural gas storage caverns
  • Fracking in St. Tammany

Legislative Agenda

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For the health and future of Louisiana, Honoré and his allies will push for the following legislative changes:

  • Barring former industry officials from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, or DEQ
  • Increasing transparency in the Legislature by forcing lawmakers to recuse themselves from votes when they’ve received industry campaign contributions.
  • Reducing subsidies to the oil, gas and pipeline industries.